I’d Love to Hear from You.

Thank you for visiting the Studio’s Website. Whether you are a music enthusiast seeking an outlet or a professional musician seeking structured advancement, you are welcome here. I hope that you’ll contact me for an interview. Join me for a cappuccino, a conversation, and a look at your individual musical goals. Let’s make your musical dreams a reality, together.


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Please reach out by phone or email. As a heads up, emailing is best. Please include a contact number and a good time to reach you.

Availability is limited, so please reach out today!


We are having some trouble with our comcast voice service / hardware, and the office phone is not functioning properly at the moment.

Please use email to contact the Studio for new student inquiries to make sure your contact gets through.


What to expect in the interview

The studio welcomes students of all backgrounds and ability levels to schedule an entrance interview at any time. While the studio bills quarterly, students may matriculate into the studio at any time, and will be billed a pro-rated tuition if they are matriculating mid-quarter. For full billing policies, please review the Statement of Policies under Lessons, Tuition.

The Interview is free of charge. Interviews are about 2 hours long, and cover background information about you, about the studio, and about the curriculum. A listening evaluation is administered to gauge your ability to critically listen, and, if you’ve had experience playing, you will be asked to play something of your choosing for Matthew in the interview. At the conclusion of the interview, if the fit feels right, you will be welcome to matriculate into the studio provided the studio has space at the times you are available to come in for your lessons.

You are welcome to take as much time as you need to decide whether the studio is the right fit for you; however, the studio does not hold slots, so take this into consideration while you deliberate.