Student Tuition


What does this include?  Lessons are one on one, 1 hour 15 minutes in length, and occur once every week.

Statement of Policies

general: All students are required to commit to four months of lessons at the commencement of their studies. Tuition is due by the 1st of the calendar month, with open billing occurring for 1- calendar days before the 1st of each month. All payments made after the 1st of the calendar month are late, and subject to the late fee. All students must accumulate 1 hour of theoretical instruction per calendar month and take a lesson once a week. Lesson times are fixed in the studio calendar for as long as the student remains actively enrolled.

tuition calculation: The studio teaches 48 weeks per year. The studio is closed for the remaining 4 weeks for holidays. Closure will occur for 1 week at Thanksgiving, 1 week at Christmas, and 2 additional weeks to be determined annually. Tuition is calculated by adding a practical lesson total (48 lessons/year divided by 12 months), an hour of theory, and the fixed monthly fee. No deduction is given during holiday closure outlined above as these weeks have already been withheld in the yearly calculation.

fees: Included in the tuition is a fixed studio fee of $16.00 for the upkeep and maintenance of the studio. This fee is assessed for cleaning, maintenance, tuning, upkeep, supplies, and materials on a monthly basis. Students late paying their tuition are subject to a late fee in the amount of $35.00. The fee is assessed to the current outstanding bill. Payments must be received by the 1st of the calendar month to avoid this fee.

accepted Payments methods: The studio accepts cash, check or credit car payments. Credit card payments are assessed a processing interest on the amount (see below). The studio offers online credit card payments through the Square market place. The studio does not accept “Online Bill Pay” through a financial institutions person web-banking portal.

credit card payments: The Studio accepts credit card payments using Square. A 2..83% interest is assessed to the tuition for processing. Payments must be made in person with card present or through the Square market place website to use this form of payments.