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"Amazing Studio!"

Instills a real love of the piano. He makes an intimidating world of music accessible. I couldn't recommend him highly enough.


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Studio V is the best piano lessons I have ever had! Creating a program that fitted my needs and targeted my weakness.


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"Five Stars"

You would not believe how far I have come. Demands your best effort and in return will give you his. Studio V, is the real deal


I am an elementary school music teacher who took piano lessons both in college and when I was young. However, I never felt confident with my piano skills. I started studying with Matthew about a year ago, and In that time, I've learned more and progressed faster than in all the years I took lessons when I was younger. Though he is rigorous, and holds his students to high standards, he paces things when he knows life gets in the way of practice. Since i have a music background myself, I really appreciate how he explains music theory. It's clear he has put a lot of thought into how he explains concepts that can be pretty complex.

Louis, Advanced Student
Incredibly talented piano teacher! His lessons are engaging, from start to finish, and he has a way of motivating students to understand all aspects of the instrument, including technical skill, theory, and composition. This comprehensive approach was presented in an easy-to-understand manner, at just the right pace for my schedule and ability level. Overall, Matthew has instilled in me a love of musical learning and appreciation for the instrument. I look forward to our lessons all week and cannot recommend him highly enough.

John, Intermediate Student
I knew nothing about music before I became a student of Matthew's. I knew I loved music, I loved to write music, I was a singer who knew how hit some keys to make some nice sounding music. I got by ok by doing that but I was tired of not knowing why or how. I decided to learn how to become a well rounded musician, a talented composer and skilled pianist. Matthew is truly invested in his students, Studio V isn't a factory and the students aren't pay checks. Matthew has the knowledge and talent to be a very successful composer and or performer but he chose to become a teacher because he loves teaching. I have been a student of Matthews for 9 months now and you would not believe how far I have come, I cannot believe it.

Jeremy, Beginner Student